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About Us

AUROKIYA is an Activity under Harmony Health a unit under the Health and Healing trust of the Auroville Foundation. Aurokiya provides a unique, all-encompassing approach to eye care, aiming to prevent, treat, and manage eye conditions while promoting overall health and wellness. We specialize in holistic eye care, offering expert-guided natural treatment sessions for various eye diseases, problems, and disorders. Utilizing advanced eye yoga, exercises, and therapies, we deliver real solutions for your eye health.

Our services include personalized individual sessions, group sessions, school programs, and corporate wellness sessions, all designed to meet eye care needs in digital era. We harness the power of advanced eye yoga, exercises, and therapies to provide tangible solutions for your eye health.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To Provide Integrated Eye Service to All and Leave no one Blind Behind

Our Vision

 To promote health and well-being in Auroville and bioregion through  preventive care, promotive and rehabilitative eyecare approaches by reaching the community with technology and holistic care 


Accessible Care: Barriers to care, whether physical or financial will be addressed through collaboration and reaching doorsteps

Caring: We have a commitment to serving the community and bioregion. We strive to understand and respond to the needs of a diverse community

Equity: We value the uniqueness of each person and embrace diverse backgrounds, opinions and experiences in providing care and collaboration

Excellence: We devote ourselves to continuous improvement, excellence, professionalism and innovation in our work

Safety and Quality: We believe that maintaining the highest safety standards is critical to delivering high-quality care

Appropriate Technology: We adopt highest appropriate technology in care delivery

Sustainability: We focus on the approach to be sustainable, reaching More People, reducing cost, and Reducing environmental impact

Guiding Principles

We Need Your Support to Achieve Our Goal!

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